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Create a poll

The poll allows you to sample people's opinions on a certain topic at a given time in order to analyse those opinions, and collect from them some recurring themes, trends, etc.

Just like the quiz, your questions can be illustrated by text, video, audio file or image.

You can also create your answers with images or text.

What is the difference between a poll and a quiz, a personality test or product recommendation quiz?

Unlike a quiz, a poll doesn't have right or wrong answers, as the aim is to collect opinions from the participants.

In the same way, a poll won't give out any profile to the participants once they have answered all the questions, unlike a personality test or a product recommendation quiz.

Once all the poll's questions are answered, the participants will see a regular end screen where you can thank them for participating.

Is it possible to ask open-ended questions to the participants?

Within the Drimify Premium offer, you will be able to add a subsidiary question, which will be an open-ended question, where the participant will be able to write their answer.

Is it possible to create different branches of questions based on a participant’s answers?

The option is not currently available, but it is part of our roadmap.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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