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Change the default user language

Change the user language

The platform's default user language is set automatically when your account is created, however, you can change the language of your interface at any time in your account settings.

Available user languages


How do I change the user language?

Log in to your Drimify account

Access your account settings by clicking on the my account icon in the bottom left-hand corner

Then go to the my profile section

In the user language drop-down menu, select your new language

Click on the "save" button at the bottom right

The platform's user language is now in the new language you selected.

You can also change the time zone associated with your account in the my profile section, just above the user language.

Change the language of different applications

The default language for creating your applications is also set automatically when you create your account. If you register on the site in French, then your applications will be in French, but if you register on the site in English, then the default language for creating applications will be English.

You cannot change the default language for creating applications in your account yourself. To change the language, please contact us on live chat or through our the contact form.

If you want to create games or interactive modules in several different languages, then you should consider the multilingual feature in the Drimify Premium package. The option is available under settings in the creation stages of your application.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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