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Data collected on participants during a game or interactive module

Drimify collects data on participants based on:

Their actions during the game or interactive module such as their participation time, their scores, and their answers to questions

Information they share via cookies or data collection forms in the game or interactive module

This data is visible on each game in the data export page.

If your account is active, the data is kept on your account for an unlimited period of time. You can therefore export or delete it permanently from the data collection tab, or simply by deleting the application or your Drimify account.

If your account is not used for more than 24 months, your account and associated data will be deleted automatically. You will receive email notifications periodically leading up to this.

Please note that all deleted data will be permanently lost.

For more information on the data collected, please refer to our privacy and cookie policies 🍪.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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