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How does the data export work ?

Drimify applications collect data via the integrated custom form, as well as all actions generated by the different games. There are different options for exporting your data.

Data export available depending on your plan

Export of essential data collected such as form data, result and statistical data is available on all Drimify offers.
Export of participant answers to each question in a question-answer game (quiz, survey, test) can be downloaded from the Drimify dashboard in Excel format. This option is only available with the Premium offer. This specific data is not yet available via the API.

There are two different ways to export your data:

1. Export from the Drimify dashboard

Available with all plans

Data can be extracted from the Drimify dashboard and downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. You can then use the data as you wish on a third-party external platform.

2. Export from Drimify Premium API

Available with Drimify Premium

If you want to automate the process, you can use the Drimify Premium API to retrieve data in real time and automatically transfer it to your third-party platform using Zapier to interconnect Drimify to your system.

For more information on using the API via Zapier, see the articles in the Developer & API category

Exporting participant data after your Drimify offer expires

Even if your plan expires, you can still log in to your account to view and export. The data collected by your applications is accessible free of charge and without a time limit from your dashboard.

Updated on: 24/11/2022

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