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How to delete collected data

Why delete collected data?

It is important to delete the data collected in order to comply with legislation protecting the privacy of individuals and guaranteeing their right to the confidentiality of their personal information.

If your account is active, the data is kept on your account for an unlimited period of time. You can delete it permanently at any time from the data collection page, or simply by deleting the application, or even your Drimify account.

If your account is not used for more than 24 months, your account and associated data will be deleted automatically (you will receive email notifications warning of this happening).

Delete test data before launching a campaign or project

Before the start of your campaign you might wish to:

Delete some or all of the data collected during the testing phase of your application, and start from scratch when exporting the data.

Update the volume of instant win prizes. The prizes won during the tests are deducted from the volumes initially indicated. By deleting the data for winning entries, the volume of prizes will be updated.

Deleting all of an application's data will also clear your leader board.

I want to delete the data

To delete the data:

Log in to your Drimify account.

Access the relevant application from your dashboard.

Once on your application, under the creation steps and at the bottom of the About section, you will find the Data Collection export page.

In the table, select the recorded session data you wish to delete by ticking each line concerned, then click on the Delete Selected option. Alternatively, you can delete the data for all the recorded sessions at once, by clicking on the Delete All option (note: you will need to select at least one line of data to be presented with Delete Selected or Delete All options).

If it is an instant win game, check that the remaining winnings are updated in the Game Configuration stage.

If it is a Dynamic Path™, make sure to delete all the data recorded for each application individually. If your Dynamic Path™ is made up of 10 applications, you will need to repeat this process 11 times, once for the Dynamic Path™ itself, and once for each level, or step of the path.

Warning, all deleted data will be permanently lost but the statistics will not be deleted, so you can filter and view the statistics by dates if you want to see a specific period.

If you run new tests after these steps, you will have to delete them again using the same procedure.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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