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The Drimify Advent Calendar is made of a custom scenario that allows you to offer a game, information or interactive module every day throughout the month of December.
The Advent Calendar is created with the Dynamic Path™ module and only available with a Drimify Premium offer. Contact us to talk about your project and get your free quote.

What does the advent calendar look like?

You can test our demo

It is composed of the following elements:

Dynamic Path™ to create 24 or 25 calendar days/steps.

Then different games from the catalog can be combined as you wish.

Examples and sequence options include:

A game by defined period: a Quiz for December 1st, then a Memory Game for December 2nd, then a Scratch Game for December 3rd ...etc. So you have to create as many games as days available. All combinations are possible.

The same activity every day: for example every day is a Scratch Game or a Quiz. You have to create a first game as a template and duplicate it. Then, you can customise the content slightly if necessary.

Alternate games and popup information during your campaign: it is possible to alternate the days of Games with days to contents via the option of "popup", which allows to have a video content, image, text. It is therefore necessary to create as many games and content "popup" as days available.

For more information on the Dynamic Path™ options, visit our product page.

How does the digital advent calendar work?

Each day a new box is unlocked and gives access to an informative game or popup. If a user does not log in every day, it will then be possible to catch up on the unopened boxes and therefore participate in all calendar activities.

How do I create an advent calendar?

The Dynamic Path™ module must have been activated on your account. If this is not the case and you have validated your personalised quote, contact the Support team on the live chat.

You must first create the different games that make up the Calendar.
Then create the Dynamic Path™ (which is the basic mechanic of the Calendar) composed of the different steps/days.
Then connect the different games to each step/day of the Calendar.
You also have the option of using popups for days without game.

Do not hesitate to contact the DrimTeam via the livechat if you need advice or assistance on how to design your digital advent calendar.
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