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Create an Advent Calendar

Drimify's Advent Calendar is a game engine that allows you to deliver a long-form campaign capable of capturing the attention of your audience from December 1 to December 25. It allows you to deliver games, contests, and interactive content on a daily basis.

But that's not all! The highly versatile format of a digital calendar can also be used to communicate different highlights and events throughout the year.

The Advent Calendar is created on the same logic as the Dynamic Path™, and requires Drimify Premium. Contact us to discuss your project and get a free quote.

Check out our 7-minute masterclass to quickly learn the fundamentals of using Drimify.

What does the advent Calendar look like?

You can try out our demo before you get started!

It's made up of the following elements:

The Advent Calendar which will allow you to create the 24 or 25 days/ steps of your calendar

Then various game engines from the catalogue that you can combine as you wish

Here are different examples and sequence options:

One game per defined period: a Quiz for December 1, then a Memory Game for December 2, a Slot Machine for December 3, etc, so you need to create as many games as there are days available in the calendar (any combination is possible)

The same activity every day: for example, every day is a Scratch Card or a Quiz, so you need to create an initial game as a template, then duplicate it and customise the content as necessary

Alternating games and informative pop-ups: it is possible to alternate game days with content days via the "popup" option, which allows you to have video, image, text, or even audio content (you therefore need to create as many games and "pop-up" content days as you set in the calendar)

How does the Advent Calendar work?

Each day a new step unlocks and gives access to a game or an informative pop-up. If a user doesn't log in every day, they'll be able to catch up on the unopened steps and take part in all the calendar's activities.

How do I create an Advent Calendar?

The Dynamic Path™ option must have been activated on your account
You then need to create the different games and modules that make up your calendar
Then create the Advent Calendar and configure it like a Dynamic Path™ (which is the game engine of the Advent Calendar)
Then connect the different games to each stage/day of the calendar
You also have the option of using pop-ups for days that don't include a game

To find out more about the options in the Dynamic Path™, visit our product page.

Default graphic customisation of the Advent Calendar

The different formats

Vertical pathGrid (Especially for the calendar)

Steps shapeSteps size

Personalisation of individual steps

It is also possible to personalise the visual of each step or box of your calendar. For that:

Go to the Advent Calendar's Game Configuration step, then under each individual step. activate the button that says: “Enable advanced graphic customisation for this step."

You can then include for this step/box:
A text to display
And a custom background image

Repeat the process for each step of your Advent Calendar.

If the Dynamic Path™ has not been activated on your account and you have validated your personalised quote, contact us via live chat. Don't hesitate to contact the DrimTeam for any advice or assistance on how to design your digital Advent Calendar.


If you're including a global leaderboard as part of your Advent Calendar, It is also necessary to create a weighting according to the type of applications available (if you use different games). Each game earns a different number of points, so it is necessary to weight the results. For example, games like 2048 and Pacman can earn an enormous amount of points compared to some others. Weighting the games allows you to assign equal value to modules across the whole experience.

The weighting of the different applications can be done in the Advent Calendar's game configuration creation step for each application.

For a full guide, see our dedicated article on weighting.

If you need help configuring the weighting, don't hesitate to contact us on livechat.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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