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Player leaderboard

The leaderboard is an option only available in the Premium offer.

It allows participants to follow their position in relation to their competitors:

During the game experience, if the leaderboard is displayed via the share link or separate integration code

At the end of the scenario or game, if the leaderboard is available as a button in the very last screen of the scenario

This leaderboard is also available via a single URL that you can integrate into a specific page of your website, or share via a button in a newsletter. It is also possible to display the leaderboard on a separate screen to follow the evolution of the scores in real time.

Where to find it in the Drimify interface

The URL is available in the "publish" tab of the game creation dashboard and then in the "Share link" block.

Game interface - publish tab

What does a leaderboard look like?

Here is a live demo link: demo

Here is an example:

Leaderboard example

What are the components?

Following the columns order:

Participant ranking position
Its identifier (name, nickname, unique identifier, etc.)
Score (if applicable)
Time (if applicable)

In case of a tie, the playing time is usually used to decide the winner(s).

How often does the leaderboard update?

The leaderboard is updated automatically in real time following each new entry.

Leaderboard configuration

In the "settings" creation step, you can choose two elements of the table:

Participant Name - How the player’s name is displayed in the table (unique identifier, full name, short name, nickname, or based on a file you provide us with in JSON format)

Aggregation of scores - If a participant plays several times, you choose the method to aggregate scores (by unique identifier, email address, nickname or telephone number or not)

In the case of setting up the Dynamic Path™ Leaderboard, it is necessary to weight the scores according to the type of games (if you are using different games). Each game can earn a different number of points, so it is necessary to weight the results. If you need help setting up the weighting, feel free to contact us via livechat.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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