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Player leaderboard

The leaderboard feature is an add-on.

It allows participants to see where they rank relative to other users:

During the game experience, if the leaderboard is displayed via the share link or separate integration code
At the end of the experience, if the leaderboard is activated, it will be available through a button on the final screen

Configuring the leaderboard

You can configure the leaderboard in the settings creation step. You can manage different elements of the table:

Participant display: the way the player's name is displayed in the table: full name, abbreviated name, unique identifier, user name, anonymous, custom format or based on a file you provide in JSON format

Maximum number of entries: how many entries and lines in the table are to be displayed in the ranking between 5 and 100.

Score aggregation: in the event that a participant plays several times, you choose the score aggregation method: based on the unique identifier, email address, user name, or phone number (or not to aggregate the scores)

Various additional display options:

Display time
The number of entries
A button below the leaderboard to return to the start of the app
The leaderboard can also have its own deactivation date, which will be different from that of the application.

What does it consist of?

At the top of the table is the number of participants (if applicable), then the leaderboard visible to participants, in column order, goes:

The participant's position in the ranking
Their user name (anonymous, full name, abbreviated name, unique identifier, etc.)
Their score
Time (if activated)

Note that in the event of a tie on score, time taken is the most common tie-breaker.

What does a leaderboard look like?

Take a look at an example of a leaderboard in production.

Example of a leaderboard

How often is the leaderboard updated?

The leaderboard is updated automatically and in real time after each new entry.

Where can I find the link to share the leaderboard and the integration code?

A unique URL for the leaderboard is available in the publish creation step of your game or interactive module, and can be found in the direct link section.

You can embed the leaderboard on a specific page of your website, or distribute it via a button in a newsletter. You can also display the leaderboard on a separate screen to keep track of scores in real time.

The code for embedding the leaderboard is available just below, also in the publish creation step, in the HTML iframe embed code section.

URL and embed code for the leaderboard

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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