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Create an instant win game

Drimify offers 4 games in the "Instant Win" category:

The Scratch Card Game
The Slot Machine
The Wheel of Fortune
The Instant Win

How does the "Instant Win" prize distribution algorithm work?

Instant Win games are managed by a random batch distribution algorithm consisting of different parameters.

The algorithm takes into account the start date and end date of your campaign, as well as the number of prizes available, and will intelligently smooth out the distribution over that period. The campaign dates as well as the dates potentially associated with each batch of prizes are taken into account in the distribution logic, with the nearest end date being predominant.

Each time a prize is won, the probabilities are recalculated and smoothed over the remaining period.

If batches are added during the campaign, the algorithm also recalculates the probabilities to redistribute the winning chances fairly.

For example, if your operation lasts 10 days and you're awarding 10 prizes, the algorithm will try to award 1 prize per day. If during day 4 no one plays and therefore no prize is won, the prize on that day will be pushed to the next day during which the chances of winning will be greater.

The algorithm will ensure that the majority of batches are won over the period, but it is not guaranteed that all batches will be distributed because the algorithm is based on random win probabilities.

If you want all prizes to be won, you should consider activating the 100% winning option at the end of your campaign. Each person participating will then win a prize until stocks run out.

Please note that once all gifts have been distributed, participants will automatically see the losing screen. It is therefore important that the losing screen is configured at the same time as the winning screens.

Instant Win games are games of chance with random probabilities to ensure fairness between participants.

What is the maximum number of wins?

You can add as many types of prizes or gifts as you like. You can add them and configure them directly in each game by indicating their number as well as the betting dates (if different from the global campaign dates).

Can a batch list be uploaded directly to the game’s dashboard?

This is not currently possible but we can create a custom integration, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it.

Is it possible for all participants to win?

Yes, by checking the 100% winner option available in the game settings.

100% winner

Is it possible to delete the losing segment in the wheel of fortune if our game is 100% winning?

You can replace the image associated with the "lost" segment with an image of a prize of your choice while knowing that none of the participants will ever fall on it. This is a way to display winning segments only by "visually hiding" the losing segment.

Can the presentation of the prize be customised?

Yes, in the "configuration" creation step. You can choose to add an image, a title and a description to your prize. You can also set the number of batches, activation dates and add a button with an external link if you wish.

How to preview the winning screens?

Start tab (first creation step): ensure that the start and end dates of the game include today’s date
Configuration tab: ensure that the gift rollout dates include today’s date
Settings tab: check the “100% winner” box to display only gifts
Start the game preview (top right button) and you should then win a gift and be able to see the winning screen at the end of the experience

At the end of your tests: remember to re-adjust the dates of the game and gifts if necessary. You will also need to uncheck the "100% winner" box if this is not the desired game mode.

Please note that all gifts won during the tests are deducted from the volumes initially indicated, so please make sure to compensate the volumes of gifts distributed during the tests before your game goes live.

Can we choose the number of attempts to win?

Yes, you can choose between 2 and 10 tries. The option is available in the game settings (just above the 100% winner box).

Do players see the end date of the game?

No, the administrator is the only one to see this information (unless you indicate it in the presentation texts).

Do winners receive an automatic email or text message to confirm their prize?

No, the system does not send emails or text messages directly to participants, but you can do this in different ways:
Manually: by downloading the Excel file from data export during or after the campaign, then use the contact details of the participants to send them an email from your emailing tool (Mailchimp, Mailjet, Sengrid etc.) or to send SMS (Twilio etc.).
Automatically and in real time: using Drimify API live or via Zapier integration which will allow you to send an automatic email or SMS immediately after participation via an external platform of your choice. You will need to configure this integration yourself, or we can help you with our Support Packs.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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