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Create a Quiz

The Drimify Quiz offers the possibility to create a series of questions illustrated by text, videos, audio files, and/ or images. It is also possible to have answers be a combination of both images and text.

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Is it possible to have several correct answers to a question in the Quiz? Can I ask participants open-ended questions?

Yes, and yes again. You question and answer formats can be a combination of the following:

Single choice
Multiple choice
Open, where the participant can write and express their answer in their own words
NPS, or net promoter score, which indicates how likely a user is to recommend something

Open and NPS formats can be included to solicit feedback but these questions will not be scored.

If you do not want a wrong answer to your questions, we advise that you create a Survey instead of a Quiz.

Why aren't all the images in my answers displayed at the same level?

If your answers include images, you can customise the display of the number of answers between 2, 3, and 4 images per line on computers only. On mobiles, responses with images will necessarily be 2 per line.

This is where you can configure the number of answers the appear per line

Make sure all your images are in the same format to have your answers perfectly aligned.

Can I have different background images for each question?

No, your background image will be the same from the start screen to the end screen once it has been configured in the Branding creation step.

I want to create different end screens based on participants' answers

In the Quiz, you can create as many different profiles in the Results creation step as you like. This means participants will be presented with different end screens based on the answers they select in the Quiz.

For example: If you customised a Quiz with 10 questions, you could create different profiles for players who scored 10/10, players who scored between 9/10 and 7/10, players who scored between 6/10 and 5/10, or players who scored 4/10 or lower.

You can also have a single results profile and end screen, the same for all participants.

The End Screen creation step will allow you to modify the order of the different elements set up in Results step, but also to include additional content if necessary.

How do I configure the results profiles?

At the top of each profile you create, you'll see a bar going from 0 to 100. This represents the participant's score as a percentage. If they score 100%, they got everything right, if they got 0%, they got everything wrong.

You will need to modify this bar according to the number of profiles you're looking to set up. The platform will automatically adjust the bars with the addition of each new profile, but you can manually adjust them to your specifications.

Best practice is to create all your different profiles first, then adjust each profile as required. All the profiles together will automatically add up to 100

Example 1:

You create a Quiz with 4 questions and 2 different result profiles.
If you have 1 profile for participants who answer a maximum of 2 questions correctly, you'll need to set the bar to a range of 0-50. This is because 50% is the absolute ceiling on this profile.
If the other profile is for players who answer 3 or 4 questions correctly, that bar should be set from 51-100. While 3/4 is technically 75%, the other profile is capped at 50%, and as all the profiles' percentages must add up to 100, it's simplest in this case to round down to 51-100.

Example 2:

You create a Quiz with 5 questions and 3 different result profiles.
If you have 1 profile for participants who answer a maximum of 2 questions correctly, you can calculate that this is up to 40% of success, and set the bar to a range of 0-40.
If you have 1 profile for participants who answer 3 or 4 questions correctly, you can calculate that this is up to 80% of success, and set the bar to a range of 41-80.
If you have 1 profile for participants who answer all 5 questions correctly, you know you'll need to set that bar to 81-100.

Is it possible to offer gifts at the end of a quiz?

No, the quiz does not contain any prizes, however, you could organise a prize draw among the participants who submitted an email address through your data collection form.

Is it possible to create different branches of questions based on the participant’s answers?

The option is not currently available, but it is part of our roadmap.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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