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Create a Survey

The Survey allows you to ask for information and opinions from participants on any given subject at a specific time, allowing you analyse the results to identify common behaviours, trends, and patterns.

Just like with the Quiz, your questions can be illustrated by text, videos, audio files or images. You can also incorporate images in your answers.

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What is the difference between a Survey, a Quiz, a Personality Test or a Product Recommendation Quiz?

Unlike a Quiz, a Survey doesn't have right or wrong answers, as the aim is to collect opinions and feedback from users.

Because there are no correct answers, and because they're not recommending or assigning something based on the answers like a Personality Test or a Product Recommendation Quiz, Surveys won't give out a profile to the participants once they have answered all the questions.

Once all the Survey's questions are answered, the participants will see an end screen where you can thank them for participating.

Is it possible to ask open-ended questions to the participants?

You can ask:

Single choice
Multiple choice
Open-ended, where participants can write and express their answer in their own words
NPS or "Net Promoter Score," which gives you an indication of the user's intention to recommend

Is it possible to create different branches of questions based on a participant’s answers?

The option is not currently available, but it is part of our roadmap.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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