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Once you have subscribed to our API integration service you will be able to get your API login and password, which are located in your profile page within your account:

Our Zapier integration can be accessed from this link below. Please make sure you already have an active account.


You can then create your “Zap” and follow those steps:

The App will be “Drimify” and the Trigger Event will be “Collect Your Application Data”.

Then you will be invited to choose the account used to connect to the API. If you didn’t do it in the past you will need to insert your API login and password (which are different from your login to your dashboard). The login screen will look like this:


Once connected you will need to select the Application Type that you want to gather the data from.

Once the Application Type is selected, the system will list all the applications of that type in the next drop down menu:

Once you have selected an application, your screen will look like this:

Once you have pressed continue, Zapier will invite you to pull an example of data (make sure to have tested your form within your app, otherwise Zapier won’t get any data from our servers):

If Zapier is able to find your test data, you will get a screen similar to:

All this data is retrieved from our server. You are now ready to link this data to any other API connected to Zapier such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Google Spreadsheet, etc.
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