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The Drimify API option will need to be enabled on your plan to use the Make integration.


Once you have subscribed to our API integration service you will be able to generate your API key.

This is located in your API management page under My Account within your Drimify dashboard.

Before creating your scenario:

Get your API key:

Please make sure you already have an active account


You can then create your “Scenario” and follow those steps:

Begin by selecting the "+" icon to add a new app or module.

Choose "Drimify" from the list of available apps. Set the Trigger Event to “Watch New Data Collection.”


Now, establish a connection between and Drimify.
Choose "Create a connection":

Label your connection for easy identification (e.g. "My Drimify connection"). Then, input the API key you generated earlier into the "API Key" field:

Finish by clicking "Save."


After setting up the connection, you need to specify from which application type you want to pull data. This step is essential as it defines the nature of the data you'll collect.

Browse through the list and select the desired "app type" from the dropdown:

With the application type chosen, the system will automatically display relevant applications within that category.

Simply select the specific application from which you want to collect data:

Finally, you'll need to determine a limit for data collection during each execution cycle. This defines how many results will be processed in a single run.

Set a limit based on your requirements, but be cautious not to overwhelm your system or exceed any API limits of 250 records:

Hit "OK" to finalise your settings.

With these steps completed, your Drimify data can be easily collected and integrated with various other platforms supported by Make.

Whether you want to channel your data into email marketing tools like Mailchimp, organise it in Google Sheets, or utilise any other application, Make can provide a seamless integration experience.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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