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Campaign launch guide and checklist

The 5-step checklist

Before launching your campaign and putting your application online, it is important to:

Test, test, and test again. Thoroughly test your application to detect any missing or malfunctioning elements.

If it's an instant win game, check the stocks and volumes of prizes under Game Configuration:

The specific dates of the prizes, if applicable

The stocks and volumes of each prize

The prize management options

Please note that any prizes won during the test phase are deducted from the volumes initially indicated, so you'll need to delete the data for the prize volumes to be reinstated. You will also need to disable the "100% winning game" feature if it has been set up for testing and this is not the desired format. To find out more, click here.

Head to the Settings creation step and check:

That the limitations of participation are set as you'd like (limited by email address or IP address, etc.)

The leaderboard is configured as you'd like (enabled or disabled, how and what it's displaying, maximum number of entries, etc.)

The white label features (if applicable)

The selected language

Head to the Publish creation step and check:

That the start date and time and end date and time match the dates of your campaign

The time zone, if applicable

Test the application one last time.

Delete the sessions data recorded on the "Data Collection" section of your application, under all the creation stages.

This last step is optional, but should be carried out if you wish to delete all the data collected during the tests, update the prize volumes, or start again from scratch with your leader board.

Please note that all deleted data will be permanently lost, but the statistics will not be deleted, so you can filter and view the statistics by date if you want to see a specific period.

Also, check out the Drimify practical guide to optimising the promotion of your campaign and your interactive games or modules.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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