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Sharing games or interactive modules on social networks

You can share your Drimify games or interactive modules on all external social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. etc.) and internal social networks (Yammer, MS Teams, Facebook Workplace, Lumapps, etc.) thanks to the link that will be provided in the "publish" tab at the end of the creation steps in your Drimify dashboard.

By sharing the URL on social networks, the game or interactive module will appear in the form of a clickable post most often composed of an image, title and description that you customised on Drimify during the creation steps.

By clicking on this post from the feed, the Drimify module opens in different ways depending on the context:
On mobile: in the app’s internal browser (webview)
On web browser: in a new navigation tab

Updated on: 24/11/2022

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