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Limits and restrictions of participation

With Drimify, you have multiple options allowing you to limit and restrict who can access your game or module, when the participants can access it, and how many times they can play.

You can find those options in the settings creation step of your app.

Limit entries and the number of plays

You can:

Limit participation per email address

Limit participation per IP address: this option allows you to limit participation to one participation within a location or household with the same Wi-Fi or ethernet connection.

Be careful to not limit participation per IP address if you're organising an event where everyone uses the same Wi-Fi network, because the IP address would therefore be the same for everyone, meaning only one person could play.

Limit participation per unique session ID: this option refers to a custom session ID.

Limit participation per custom format: this option refers to the custom format field you can define in the data collection form.

And for each of these options you can then limit the number of entries to:

A single play.

Reset plays every X hours: 12h, 24h, 48h... after the user's last entry.

Reset plays every day at a specific time: midnight, 10am, 6pm, etc.

These last two options allow you to control the interval at which users can play again if you want them to be able to participate several times.

Limitation by country

It is possible to limit entries according to the geolocation of participants if your game can only be played in certain locations.

You can choose to:

Only allow accessing from: This creates an approved list, and only users from these countries will be allowed to participate.
Deny accessing from: This creates an exclusion list, and users from these countries will not be able to participate.

Choose one of these two options and then list the countries concerned in the Countries field just below. Clicking on the field will bring up a list, and you just click on the ones you want to add to your list.

Please note that some users may use workarounds such as VPNs to trick the system into thinking they are in a country allowed to participate.

We therefore recommend that you state in your terms and conditions which countries or geographical zones are allowed, and specify that entries from outside this zone will not be valid. You can then delete these entries and date from the list of participants available from the data collection section of your Drimify dashboard.

Access control and participations limited to a unique ID

The access control option allows you to predefine an exact list of people, unique IDs, who will be able to access your Drimify game or interactive module.

This option can be useful if you create a game for:

Just your employees, if you did not wish for an external audience to have access
VIP customers, if you were delivering an exclusive experience

With this option, you can use different types of unique IDs:

Unique ID: like a unique code or registration number
Email: it can be specific email addresses, or all the email addresses belonging to a domain with the format *
Phone Number
Custom format
Session ID - see this article for more information

You can also limit to a unique participation per unique ID.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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