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Access Control

This option allows you to predefine an exact list of people who will be able to access your Drimify game or interactive module.

This option can be useful if you create a game for:

Just your employees, if you did not wish for an external audience to have access
VIP customers, if you were delivering an exclusive experience

Upload a new .txt file

Here you can download the template available under the file download section, paste in your predefined and complete list of approved users allowed to access the experience (all down one column), and upload it.

Error message to be used if the unique ID supplied is not allowed access

If an unauthorised user attempts to play through, you can define what message they receive.

Identification based on…

You can then select identification based on:

Unique identifier: like a unique code or registration number or a custom unique ID
Email: it can be specific email addresses, or all the email addresses belonging to a domain with the format *
Phone Number
Custom format
Session unique ID

This determines the field on the data collection form in which the information must be entered by users.

For this reason, the field you base the identification on must be included in your data collection form.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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