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Export User Data

You can select the required time frame by clicking the button above the data fields.

Here you will see user data from your app arranged in a table. Clicking the export data button gives it to you in a .xlxs file.

Each row represents one participation. A single user's repeat participations will appear on multiple rows.

Empty lines in your data export mean that users have clicked on the start button on the start-up screen, but have not continued with the experience (either by closing the page, or because the page has refreshed, for example). Additional lines of entries are therefore counted, but without the information on the participants if a data collection form was in place, because they did not complete it.

Depending on the type of app, this could show:

ID: The order in which users interacted with your app, i.e. the first user to participate is 1, the last, if there were 49 total users, would be 49.
Answers Given: In the cases of question & answer games, each question will have a column with the user’s corresponding answer.
Values from the Data Collection Form: If you included a data collection form in your experience, each value will have a column as part of your data export.
Profile: Such as the recommended product, the personality profile their answers aligned with, or the profile their score percentage bracket falls inside.
Score: If the app has a point scoring mechanic, this will show the user’s score in the game.
Prize Uid: for instant win games, this would take the form of either “Lost,” the Prize Uid code found under the “Winning Item” in the game configuration creation step, or a blank space if they didn’t complete the experience.
Prize Title: The item name you entered for the “Winning Item” in the game configuration step, or blank if they lost or didn't finish the experience.
Code: If a unique or generic promo code was assigned to their result, this is how you can match the user to their code.
Time Taken: This shows how long the user participated in the experience in seconds.
IP Address: This shows the user’s IP address, but be aware that if they’re using a VPN, this may not be their actual IP address.
Country Code: Again, this will be affected by users utilising a VPN.
Timezone Date: Again, this will be affected by users utilising a VPN.
Server Date: This is the time and date when the user’s participation called the app from our servers.
Session: Each participation is recorded as a session.

Multi-step experiences, such as the Dynamic Path™, the Advent Calendar, and the Combo™, will also feature:

Levels Played: This is the number of steps users completed.
Score: For multi-step experiences, this is the cumulative score across all the steps.

For breakdowns of player performance within each of the steps for multi-step experiences, visit the Data Collection tab within each individual app.

Deleting data

Selecting the checkboxes to the left of the data lines will give you the option to delete data. Selecting the checkbox on the top line will select all on that page. The delete option will appear as a red box at the top left.

Clicking the 3-dot icon will open up the options to Delete and ban selected lines, and Delete all. If you select the top checkbox and “Delete selected” this will not necessarily delete all, as your data may go across multiple pages. If you wish to “Delete all” be sure to click “Delete all.”

Please note that if you select “Delete all” in the Combo™, Dynamic Path™, or the Advent Calendar, this will delete all the info in that app, AND the connected apps that make up your experience.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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