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How do the statistic work ?

Each game has its own set of analytics. The metrics include the number of participations, views, completions, leads, etc. They will help you analyse the success of your campaign and understand your audience.

How to access the statistics ?

You can access the analytics from the game dashboard. Look for the graph icon on the game dashboard cover (next to the sharing link and the duplicate buttons).

Can I choose the report period ?

You can choose from the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, the entire period of the game (all time), or custom dates.

What do the metrics mean ?


Total participations
Number of time the game was played (1 person can play multiple times).

Total unique views
Number of unique views of the game page (can be lower than the participations if some participants played multiple times).

Engagement rate (gauge at the centre top of the report)
This metric is calculated with the participations and the unique views. The rate can be higher than 100% when the participants played multiple times.

Number of times the game was played until the end screen. It's triggered when a user completes the entire experience.

Number of times the data collection form was filled. It's the number of entries you'll also find in the data export page.

Mobile traffic
% of people playing with their mobile phone or tablet.

Average Session Duration
Average time spent on the game.


This graph shows you the views, the average session duration, and the engagement from social media over time based on the selected date range.

Scores depending on the game

In the case of a quiz, a personality test, a poll or a product recommendation, you will find 2 additional info boxes to show you the scores per answer of each question as well as the average score per profile.


This will show you the origin of your participants. For example, it could be direct, from a website, or from a social media platform.

Direct: when the user connected directly from the game URL (i.e. using the game URL or a QR Code)
Website: if you embed the game on your website and the user played from there
Social media platforms: if the the game has been shared on social media and the user accessed it from there


This metric indicates the location of the participants by country based on their IP address.

Please note that the system needs 24 hours to consolidate all daily statistics

Can I delete the statistics?

No, but you can filter by date if you want to see a specific range.

Can I export the statistics?

Yes, you can save the page as a PDF from your browser or take a screenshot. Alternatively you get all the raw data from your data export in your dashboard.

Can I still access and view the game statistics after my plan expires?

Even if your plan expires, you will still be able to log into your account to view them. The essential statistics generated by your applications are accessible for free and without a time limit from your Drimify dashboard. However, the detailed statistics available with the Drimify Premium plan will no longer be available after your plan expires.

Updated on: 24/11/2022

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