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Drimify pricing plans

To put your game or interactive module online, you will need to select one of our plans.

You can create a free Drimify account to test the platform and even build your first experience. You can access all the features and test-drive your creations using the "preview" button at the top right of your screen.

All you have to do is select an offer when you want to publish your game and share the the direct link.

To estimate, set up and activate your Drimify plan, please follow these simple steps from your admin interface:

Log in to your Drimify account.
Click on the purple " Select my plan " button located at the top right of your screen.
Select the features you need.
Fill in your billing details.
Choose the number of views corresponding to your estimated traffic and number of participants.
If needed, send the quote by email or,
Proceed to the online payment of your Drimify plan using a credit card.

Your plan's activation date is from when your payment has been received and verified.

If you're unable to pay online with a card, we also accept bank transfer payments; please contact us and provide details of the desired plan for further assistance.

If you wish, you can upgrade at any time by adding more options, views, or extending the activation period. You can easily upgrade your plan online paying by card, or alternatively, you can contact us if you need assistance in setting up your Drimify plan.

The number of views refers to how many times games and experiences are displayed and called from our servers. If the same person plays 5 different games, that counts as 5 views. You will receive emails when your plan is at 60%, 80%, and 100% of your views quota, but when this is surpassed, your campaign will be paused. You can upgrade the number of views on your plan at any time, but by doing it before you exceed your quota, you can ensure your campaign runs uninterrupted.

To learn more about adapting your views limit to the size of your project, check out our handy article.

Our plans

You can choose from 3 different plans:

Drimify On Demand

This offer is one with zero commitment and allows you to upload an unlimited number of applications over a predefined period, starting with 1 week and running up to 12 months.

In addition to the essential features, you can select whatever additional features you'd like to use in your campaign so your On Demand plan perfectly meets your needs, whether that necessitates Advanced Graphic Customisation, the Dynamic Path™, Leaderboard functionality, or any of our other premium features. You will find more details on our pricing page

Please note that after you have created your account, you can work on your application for free before subscribing to this plan in order to optimise the online duration of your project.

Drimify Pro (Monthly offer/ Yearly offer in your dashboard)

This package allows you to create an unlimited number of applications on a monthly or yearly basis.

Please note, while the Monthly and Yearly offers both give a saving, the Yearly offer gives a bigger saving.

Like the On Demand plan, this package includes the essential features as standard, with the option to add as many of the premium features as you need to tailor your plan to your project.

Full details are available on our pricing page.

After you have created your account, you can work on your application for free before subscribing to this plan in order to optimise the online duration of your project.

Please note that your Monthly or Yearly offer will auto-renew until you cancel it.

Drimify Premium

The Premium plan exists if your project is outside the scope of the On Demand, Yearly or Monthly offers, and is something you need to contact us about as it's not available to select in your dashboard. A Premium plan would be a good option for you if, for example, your estimated traffic is extremely high, or your campaign's time frame doesn't fit in with what's available On Demand, or Monthly or Yearly.

In short, going Premium gets you a perfectly tailored plan.

Consult our pricing table for a complete list of available options.

Don't hesitate to contact the team on live chat or through our contact form to get a personalised quote.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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