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This is an important section. Some edits you make here can affect your live apps.

Your options include:

First Name, Last Name, and Email address: If the account details need changing for business purposes and access (such as requiring a generic business email as opposed to a named business email, or due to a shift in responsibilities), you can change these details here.
Time Zone: Set your time zone.
User language: Set the default language you want your apps to be in for users.
Apps creation default language: Set the language you want your dashboard to be in as you create your apps.
Sector: Choose the sector that most closely aligns with your goals.

Please note, the time zone you set here will be applied to any subsequent apps you create. You can control them individually in the Publish creation step. Changing the time zone in your profile will not affect existing games.

User language: This is the language you, as a creator, see in your Drimify dashboard (English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian).
Apps creation default language: This global control will affect the language of all the default written content that appears to users in your app (English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian).

Please note, this will affect your existing apps as well as any new apps you create following changing this setting. If you want to create apps in multiple languages, please consider upgrading your account with the Multilingual feature.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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