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Button Customisation

The colour of the buttons is controlled through the Colours Customisation section's primary colour. The font style is controlled through the Body text customisation.

However, here you can choose:

Font weight: Define the font style of the buttons.
Font colour: Define the colour of font in the buttons, bear in mind, for the best user experience, it should be easy to read in contrast to the button colour used.
Radius size: The four radius size options are there to let you define how rounded each of your buttons’ corners appear.

Regarding radius size, each corner is set by default on 4px. A value of 1 in each field will give you a rectangular button. A value of 100 in each field will give you a very rounded button. By controlling each corner’s value, you can create rounded rectangles that lean left or right, and have significant scope to individualise experiences.

Button texture: You can upload an image here to further customise the appearance of the buttons.

The recommended size is indicated under the upload button. Please bear in mind that this is more effective if it’s a pattern or graphic background. We wouldn’t recommend using a photograph, for example.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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