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Default Graphic Customisation

This is where you can customise the appearance of your Dynamic Path™ or Advent Calendar.

Adjusting the layout type, orientation, line shape, line type, step shape, and step size, along with the path colour and step colour, you can tailor the visual representation of the journey you’re taking your users on.

Your options are:

Layout type: This is either a vertical path for Dynamic Paths™ or the Grid for Advent Calendars.
Layout orientation: This is either bottom to top (to travel upwards) or top to bottom (to travel downwards).
Steps shape: The steps are the apps that you use to make up the gameplay portion of your experience and you have set them to appear as circles, squares, or squares with rounded corners.
Steps size: You can choose from 5 possible sizes to either accentuate the size of the steps, or accentuate the scale of the path or calendar.
Path colour: Define the colour of the line connecting your steps. (While this option remains visible if you select the grid for layout type, it will have no effect.)
Steps colour: This defines the colour bordering each step in your experience.

If you select the vertical path for the layout type, you will have additional options to define the appearance of the line that links up your steps.

This visual is what is presented to your users between levels, and is a visual representation of their progress.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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