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Enabling the Draw Function

Drimify apps have draw functionality inbuilt. Underneath the creation steps, in the About section, there is a Draws tab. Clicking here gives you the opportunity to create draws, or view previous draws generated on that app.

Create Draw

When creating a draw, you can customise multiple fields.

Fields you can customise for all game types:

Draw’s name: Give your draw a title. It’s good practice, and especially useful if you’re having multiple prize draws as part of your experience to make it easy to locate and organise.
From the date/ To the date: Define the date range of plays you want to draw your potential winners from.
Number of winners: Define how many people you want to win. This should correspond with the number of participants you have to draw.

Fields unique to instant win games:

Condition: You can set the condition of the draws to include players who “participated,” “won,” or “lost.”

The draw functionality here is separate to the prize distribution game mechanics like Spin the Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

Fields unique to question and answer games:

Profile name/ Product name: Have specific draws for people awarded specific profiles. For example, in a Personality Test, have a draw for each profile or personality type to make it a more tailored experience. (Not applicable to the Quiz, regardless of profiles being assigned in the Results creation step, as this draw is based on user score.)
Minimum number of questions answered: Define how many questions must be answered for participants to qualify for the draw.

Fields unique to games and gamification experiences with point-scoring mechanics:

Top ranked users to include in the draw: Here you can make your draws somewhat meritocratic by only including the highest performers, and defining the minimum ranking necessary to be included. For example, if you wanted to draw from the 50 highest scorers that played your experience, you would enter “50” in this field.

To include every participant who completes the experience, regardless of their ranking, just enter “0” in this field.

Minimum scored: Set a minimum score to achieve for participants to qualify for the prize draw.
Maximum scored: Set a points ceiling for participants to be included in the prize draw. If you leave this field untouched, it will default to the highest score achieved in the experience.

Fields unique to Media Contests:

Minimum votes to qualify for the draw: Whatever value you enter here is what their submission must achieve in terms of votes to be eligible for the draw.

Fields unique to multi-step gamification experiences:

Minimum levels completed to qualify for a draw: Set a minimum amount of progress participants need to have made to qualify for a draw by defining the number of steps they need to have completed.

Across all game types, you can also enable or disable options to:

Only include users who filled in the data form: We recommend enabling this feature as you’ll need to know who is part of the draw (including their associated collected data if any).
Exclude users already drawn: Users who have already been selected through another draw for the same app can be excluded. For example, if you have weekly winners, but don’t want the same person to win more than once.

Please note, draws are instant upon creation. This means you cannot create a draw and schedule it ahead of time.

View Draws

The View Draws tab shows you all the draws you’ve generated for that app. It will show you the parameters you set, and below it, you’ll see the result(s), or the winner(s), along with all their data that would appear in the Data Collection tab.

At the top right, there is a download icon, where you can export the results of your prize draw into a .CSV file.

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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