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Game Configuration Settings for Instant Win Games

The final section of the Game Configuration step is the Game Configuration Settings (not to be confused with the Settings creation step). Here you can further customise your app to deliver a more tailored user experience.

You have the following options:

Do not display the logo: Enabling this option hides the logo so the user focus is entirely on the game mechanic.
Disable media autoplay throughout your application: This means media will not automatically play. Users will have to select play to view or listen to media.
Adjust game maximum width: This should only be adjusted after testing, if, for example, your game is to be played on a specific screen, and the dimensions don’t look right. All Drimify games are responsive to modern handheld devices and desktops, so most of the time, the default width will be optimum.

Depending on the instant win app-type you're customising, you may also have the following options:

Spin actuation mode: For wheel spinning apps, this option lets you define the visual button or lever that users interact with to play.
Number of tries: The number of attempts users have at the game.
Frame Colour/ Button Colour/ Button Frame Colour: Choose the colours of the instant win mechanism.
Odd & Even Segment Background Colour: In the case of Spin the Wheel, you can define the default colour of segments and upload your images on transparent backgrounds.
Disable visual effects: This removes shadows and reflections that can give the game a more 3D appearance.

Some options may not be available depending on the instant win app type you are customising.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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