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Intermediate Screen

Intermediate screens are where you can customise the user journey to best serve your engagement needs.

The interactivity and play is the driver, but the intermediate screens are what allow you to collect data, gain followers, make calls to action, and more explicitly engage your target audience in your message.

For intermediate screens, you have the following templates you can customise:

Data collection form screen

This is where you can define what personal data you ask users for, and invite them to opt in to marketing materials. for full details, click here.

Content screen

This is where you can include more of your branded messaging using a combination of an audio visual file and text.

You can give your content screens titles and descriptions, and include either:

An image file
A video file
An audio file

Please note, you can only include 1 media file.

This is where you can invite users to follow your social media accounts.

You can define your title at the top, then add links to your brand’s social media profiles.

They will appear within the experience as that platform’s icons.

Using the 4 arrows icon to the right allows you to toggle the order in which the social media links appear to users.

The leaderboard display screen (if applicable)

If the Premium leaderboard option is enabled, you can use an intermediate screen to display it to your audience.

To configure how your leaderboard appears, head to the Settings creation step, or click here for our in-depth article.

Please note, that while you can add as many intermediate screens as you like, gamified experiences are most effective when they’re streamlined. Plan your experiences to be direct and to the point to achieve the best possible completion rates.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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