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Levels (Crossword & Word Search Game)

A level in the Crossword is a single grid. You can have multiple words per grid, and multiple levels per game.

Enable level introduction pop-up

Enabling this option allows you to include a custom pop-up message with each new level and grid of words. There is no default text for this, so if you enable it and don’t include any content, the option won’t show in the end experience.

If enabled, you can include:

Short title
Add a media

Points % removed for each error

Insert a value from 0 to 100 to raise the stakes for errors and make your game more challenging (or make it harder to finish at the top of the leaderboard if enabled).

Word #1

Enter a word without any spaces.

Number of points won

Assign how many points users will win for finding the word. Assign points based on difficulty or complexity for the best user experience.

Hint pop-up content

Here you can include a title, an image, and text. This is the clue users can get by clicking on the lightbulb.

Giving a hint is optional, but can be leveraged to make your game easier or faster to complete, or get users focused on your brand.

Definition pop-up content

Here you can include a title, an image, and text. They see this pop-up after finding the correct word. It can be used to add some information that reinforces your brand message, or adds value to the user experience.

Add a word

Add multiple words to a level (which comprises a single grid). The game will automatically adjust the size of the grid to accommodate the words, but keep in mind that too many words, and words too long in length, will overcomplicate the user experience. More than 3 words will probably be overdoing it for a gamification experience.

The maximum theoretical number of characters per level is 47. However, it is possible to be under 47 characters, but have the combination of words chosen be too complicated, and as a result, impossible for the game to generate on the grid.

Add a level

Add as many levels as you like to tailor your experience to your needs.

Updated on: 13/02/2024

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