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Levels (Memory Game)

In the Memory Game, you can include multiple levels. Each level can include a grid of up to 8 cards.

We recommend 2, 6, or 8 cards in order to deliver the best user experience.

Card #1 (and each card after)

Add a media

This image will be doubled and hidden face down on your grid. Users will have to match up this image with its double from among the cards on your grid. The more images you add, the more challenging your game.

Enabling this allows you to include a related pop-up after the user matches the image. For example, if they’ve matched up images of a product, your pop-up could be about that product.

A pop-up here can include:

Add a media (image)

Add a card

Add up to 8 cards to tailor your experience.

Cards’ back picture

This is the image that users will see on all the cards before they’re matched.

Add a level

Add multiple levels to your Memory Game to tailor the experience.

Please note, you can make the cards’ back picture different for each level.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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