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Pick an App

Your first move on any project is to select the app you want to customise.

Here you can scroll through:

The categories of apps
All the apps for a global view

Each app has the option to open the product page for the demo and features in a new window.

Hitting “Create” will open up the new app in your dashboard. It’s automatically saved when you create it.


If you know the type of app you want to create, but you’re not sure exactly which one is best for you, selecting the category on the top row filters your view for easier browsing.

Quick Guide

Question & Answer Games: If you want a game mechanic where your audience answers questions.

Instant Win Games: If you want a game mechanic with a primary function of distributing prizes or promotional codes.

Games: If your gamification project calls for puzzles, casual games, or classic gameplay.

Sport Games: If you’re looking to mimic the mechanics of known sports in your gamification project.

Gamification Experiences: If you’re looking to combine or unify apps to create longer, more immersive experiences, community-build, or collect and utilise user-generated content.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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