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Prize Management

Instant Win games are managed by a random prize distribution algorithm operating according to different parameters.

The algorithm takes into account the start date and end date of your campaign, as well as the number of prizes available, and will intelligently smooth out the distribution over that period. Both the campaign dates as well as the dates potentially associated with each batch of prizes are taken into account in the distribution logic, with the nearest end date taking precedence.

Under prize management you have 2 controls over how prizes are won. You can:

Enable the “100% winning game“ feature to deliver all the winning items as fast as possible: This means everyone who plays will win a prize until all the prizes are gone.
Enable the prize winning limit: This limits how many prizes a single user can win based on the identification feature of your choice. So long it’s a value they’re filling in when they complete your data collection form, they will be bound by the prize winning limit you define.

Please note, while you might set a prize winning limit to a single prize based on email address, if a user decides to fill in a different email address on the data collection form after they’ve already won 1 prize, it is possible that they could win another, as in such a case the limitation is only based on email.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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