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Results for the Quiz

In the Quiz, you can create as many different profiles in the Results creation step as you like. This means participants will be presented with different end screens based on their quiz scores.

At the top of each profile you create, you'll see a bar going from 0 to 100. This represents the participant's score as a percentage. If they score 100%, they got everything right, if they got 0%, they got everything wrong.

You will need to modify this bar according to the number of profiles you've set up. The platform will automatically adjust the bars with the addition of each new profile, but you can manually adjust them to your specifications.

Best practice is to create all your different profiles first, then adjust each profile’s bar as required. All the profiles together will automatically add up to 100.

You can then include different elements, specific to each profile:

A title
An image, a video, or a sound file
A description
Call to action (CTA) button(s)

A player’s results profile is ultimately what they’ll see on the end screen.

You may wish to include calls to action (CTAs) that are specific to a certain profile. For example, you may use them to send users to particular web pages or resources articles based on their knowledge of a subject or a brand. If you want all users to follow the same CTA, just fill in the CTA field on the End Screen creation step.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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