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Drimify Media Contests give you the option to pre-configure watermarks for participants to apply to their submissions.

The option to Enable watermarks can be found in the game configuration creation step below the participation screen content fields.

The watermark option can only be enabled if the upload type is set to image only, and the maximum number of images is set to 1.

In the user experience, the participant first uploads their image (and possibly their caption), then they're taken to the watermark selection screen, where they can select from your pre-configured watermarks. They have the option to see what their image looks like with the selected watermark before they continue with their submission, or return to the watermark selection screen.

If only one watermark is available, the selection screen will be skipped, and this will serve as the default watermark applied to all submissions.

Please note, if the watermarks are enabled, participants will have to use one - they can't opt to submit without a watermark.

The first fields you can customise after enabling this option include:

Title: This is the title that will appear in the user experience on the watermark selection screen.
Description: This is the description on the watermark selection screen.

In the user experience, the watermark options will be available for participants to select below these fields.

Next, you configure your watermarks.

For each individual watermark you add to your experience, using the Add watermark button, you will have the following fields you can customise:

Title: This will be displayed to the participants when they come to choose a watermark.
Suggested sharing text: If someone chooses to share their submission on a social platform, and by extension, your contest, you cannot dictate what they write when they share it. However, you can suggest what they might write. If they go to share their watermarked submission, what you define here will appear with their post, but they can edit it.

Please note, if the option to Automatically publish user-generated content online without prior moderation is enabled, and social media sharing is enabled, users will be able to share their pictures with your pre-configured watermark on social media.

Custom copy & share button label: Instead of "Copy & Share," you can dictate what appears in the button above the above the social media icons on the final page of the experience.
Watermark image: This is your watermark. For best practice, go by the scale and size guidelines given in-platform, and use an image on a transparent background.

You can include as many watermarks as you like, but bear in mind, if you give participants too many to choose from, you may harm the user experience.

The watermark lists will appear in an optimised layout on mobile and tablet (this is because Drimify games are built mobile-first), but for desktops, you can define the number of answers per line - for example, you may choose to dictate that watermark lists are displayed 2 per line, 3 per line, or 4 per line.

You will be able to see which users have used which watermarks in both the data collection tab and the moderation tab of your dashboard. They will also carry through to a Voting Gallery if connected.

Updated on: 28/05/2024

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