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On-page content displayed before the activation date

In the case that you have QR codes on posters and games embedded on landing pages before your campaign launches, you can put text in the On page content field that will be visible to audiences trying to access the game early. “Come back on XX-DATE to play this game,” for example.

Start date and time, end date and time

Make sure that the activation start and end dates include today's date or the start date of your campaign.

So long as your data is cleared prior to campaign launch, it doesn’t matter if the start date is earlier than the campaign’s start date UNLESS people can access the game before you want them to. For example:

You have pre-printed marketing material with QR codes already visible to customers
They’re integrated on live landing pages before the campaign officially starts

After clicking on the calendar icon to define the date, the clock icon in the bottom left will allow you to define the exact start time and end time of your campaign. The paintbrush icon clears it.

Please note, these times will reflect the time zone your account is set to. This can be checked and adjusted globally under the My Profile section of My Account in your dashboard, or on a game-by-game basis further down the Publish creation step.

On-page content displayed after the end date

Here you can put text in the On page content field that will be visible to audiences trying to access the game after the campaign is over.

Rather than receiving an error message, you could encourage them to follow your social media pages for your next gamified promotion.

Time zone

Ensure the time zone is correct. By default, this should be set to your account’s time zone, but depending on where you’re distributing the game, this could change.


To publish your app, hit the dropdown and change its status from “draft” to “publish.”

Once your account has been activated, and your game is set to “publish” with active start and end dates, anyone with the link will be able to access your game directly on all modern browsers.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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