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Data Collection Form Screen

The data collection form screen can either be included before your experience OR after your experience.

We advise you to put your data collection form screen at the beginning, and to make it as short as possible for better conversion rates.

Title, media and description

You can include a title, a media file, and a description to further customise your data collection form screen.

Data collection form fields

You can include the following in your form:

Unique identifier
First name
Last name
User name
Date of birth: which can also be used as another date field using the “custom label” field.
Postal address
Telephone number
Company name
Website address
A blank text field that you can customise
A custom format: This allows you to define a pattern in text, numbers, or both, impose character limits, and when only allowing numbers, minimum and maximum values. This feature can be used if you want players to enter their membership number, or a secret code to participate in an experience.
2 customisable drop-down menus: These allow you to create lists of values each corresponding to a label.

📣 All these elements are ticked as "required" by default, but you can un-tick any fields you'd like to stay optional.

A customisable checkbox: this allows you to create one or more checkboxes, each corresponding to a label. You need to enter one item of data per line, using this format: “value | label,” with the option to add “| required” to make this field mandatory
An opt-in newsletter checkbox

📣 Note that only the custom checkbox can be set to required, the opt-in checkbox must remain optional.

Please note, that you can customise how these fields read to users by using the “Custom label” field on the right-hand side. You can also use the 4-arrow icons to the right to adjust the order of fields in your form.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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