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Direct Link

Your direct link is your game’s URL. Anyone who clicks on it will go straight to the start screen of your experience (assuming it’s published and your account is active).

Please note, once you’ve created an app, the links and the QR code are defined and will not change (with the exception of custom subdomains which you can alter), so these can be used for preparing marketing materials prior to finishing configuring and testing your game.

You have 2 options:

A default tab: This is the standard URL available for all Drimify games and features Drimify.
A custom subdomain tab: This is a Premium option that allows you to define a custom URL, and this can be controlled under the Settings creation step.

If your game involves points and has the premium leaderboard option enabled, you will also have additional tabs for leaderboard (default) and a custom subdomain leaderboard.

The QR Code button to the right will generate a QR code which you can download and include in your marketing material. The Copy to clipboard button below copies the direct link ready to paste and share.

When generating a QR code or copying to clipboard, check that you have the correct Direct link tab selected, whether that’s the Default or the Custom subdomain tab.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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