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Enable and Display the Terms and Conditions

Activating this option will open up a new text field featuring a terms and conditions template.

On the template toolbar, there is a sheet icon on the far right called templates. Opening this will allow you to select the template in up to 30 languages.

You can either adapt this to suit your purposes, or copy and paste your own terms and conditions over the time.

It will be visible to users at the bottom of the screen (when they play), and has its own permalink (below) so you can share it individually.

It’s best practice to get legal advice, either from your inhouse team or an external consultant when drafting terms and conditions to comply with local laws and account for potential disputes.

If the custom subdomain option is enabled in your plan, and enabled in the app, the permalink for your terms and conditions will use the custom subdomain.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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