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Enable the Leaderboard

Leaderboard display type

This determines how players will appear on the leaderboard, and depending on what you choose, will either pull from your data collection form or a remote JSON file to populate it.

Maximum number of entries to show in the leaderboard

This determines how many entries and lines in the table are to be displayed between 5 and 100.

Score aggregation (not applicable to the Combo™ or Dynamic Path™)

In the event that a participant plays several times, you may choose the score aggregation method based on the unique identifier, email address, user name, or phone number (or opt not to aggregate the scores).

Please note, your chosen method must be available as a field within your data collection form.

Additional options

Additionally, you can enable or disable options to:

Display the time
The number of entries
A button below the leaderboard to return to the start of the app

There is also a leaderboard deactivation date field, which will take priority over the application end date, if for example, you wanted to display the leaderboard for longer via its own direct link (which can be found in the Publish creation step).

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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