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Gallery Settings

This is where you determine how you use the Voting Gallery mechanism.

From the Gallery content dropdown, you options are:

I want to upload my own content: This option lets you use the Voting Gallery as a single experience to display and gauge opinion on media you upload yourself.
Fetch content from existing app: This is where you connect your Voting Gallery to an existing Media Contest.
I want to do both: This app is extremely versatile, so if your campaign calls for it, this lets you combine the 2 options.

I want to upload my own content

For Media #1, you’ll select your media file (image, video, or audio) then fill in the name and description.

Fetch content from existing app

This option allows you to connect a Voting Gallery to a Media Contest you've already created - you can directly retrieve the content shared by participants from a Photo Contest or Video Contest that's either already online, or has already run, and invite people to vote for the winners.

Several media competitions can be linked to a single gallery to retrieve even more content.

Once you've chosen this option, select the app you want from the drop-down menu.

Please note, the “Votes received” field in the connected Media Contest will update with the votes a media file is receiving from users.

End user considerations

You can then define the Name display and the Gallery type from the dropdown menus to customise the app’s appearance.

Please note, your options for Gallery type are feed, which users can navigate up or down by scrolling, or slider, which users can navigate side-to-side using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.

Additionally, you have options you can enable to:

Do not display the description: Stops any captions included appearing on your Voting Gallery.
Do not display the date: Hides the upload date.
Do not display the sorting: Users can sort the Voting Gallery when they participate in various ways. Disabling this takes away this option for end users.
Do not display the categories: This hides the categories from the user.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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