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Game Configuration Settings for Sports games

The final section of the Game Configuration step is the Game Configuration Settings (not to be confused with the Settings creation step). Here you can further customise your app to deliver a more tailored user experience.

You have the following options:

Game mode: Determine if your game is based on a shots limit, a time limit, or a lives limit.
Number of shots/ Number of lives/ Time in seconds: Define the length of your experience, or the margin for error your players have to improve their score.
Do not display the logo: Enabling this option hides the logo so the user focus is entirely on the game mechanic.
Do not display the score: This allows you to hide the score from the user as they play.
Disable media autoplay throughout your application: This means media will not automatically play. Users will have to select play to view or listen to media.
Adjust game maximum width: This should only be adjusted after testing, if, for example, your game is to be played on a specific screen, and the dimensions don’t look right. All Drimify games are responsive to modern handheld devices and desktops, so most of the time, the default width will be optimum.

Depending on the specific sports game app-type you are customising, you will also have options relating to:

Basketball backboard travelling movement: Define the difficulty of your Basketball Game by having the net fixed in place, dynamic, or changing on every shot.
Basketball backboard travel speed: Further increase the difficulty of your Basketball Game by increasing the speed of the net.
Keep the ball centred on the pitch: Adjust the difficulty of your American Football game or Rugby game by sending kickers to different spots on the gridiron.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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