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Game Configuration Settings for Word Games

The final section of the Game Configuration step is the Game Configuration Settings (not to be confused with the Settings creation step). Here you can further customise your app to deliver a more tailored user experience.

With some variation for the different app types (i.e. no game will feature every option), you have the following options:

Reveal the word in case of an error: Speed up playing time or increase difficulty by only giving users one chance to solve the puzzle.
Allow diagonal word display: Words can be made diagonally, or this can be left disabled to make the game easier.
Show the first letter of the word: Make your experience easier to complete by giving players the first letter of each word to solve.
Grid Alphabet Language Selection: Select the appropriate language of your grid, separate to the settings of your dashboard, or any pre-filled text, if, for example, you’re creating your game in multiple languages, or your game is a module of a language learning course.
Words dictionary language: This gives the user experience language-specific characters like accents and umlauts to use to find words in the grids (for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian).

For example, if you included the French word "Voilà" in your Word Search, but left the Words dictionary language set to English, players wouldn't be able to find "à" to get the word right and complete the game.

Do not display the logo: Enabling this option hides the logo so the user focus is entirely on the game mechanic.
Do not display the score: This allows you to hide the score from the user as they play.
Do not display the progression: Choose whether to display user progress through levels, ie. ⅔ if they’re on level 2 of 3.
Do not display the playing time: Hide the playing time from the user.
Disable media autoplay throughout your application: This means media will not automatically play. Users will have to select play to view or listen to media.
Adjust game maximum width: This should only be adjusted after testing, if, for example, your game is to be played on a specific screen, and the dimensions don’t look right. All Drimify games are responsive to modern handheld devices and desktops, so most of the time, the default width will be optimum.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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