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Games for Combo™ and Leaderboard Combo™

This is where you select the apps you’ve made from your dashboard that you want included in the experience. The process is:

Select the app: The drop down menu will open your library of available games to pull from.

Please note, for each individual app you’re looking to connect to your experience, make sure that their status is set to Publish, that there is no end date indicated, and that the start date is earlier than that of the Combo™ or Leaderboard Combo™.

Activation date & deactivation date: If necessary, you can have games deactivated on certain dates. If a game is in the middle of your Combo™ that has passed its deactivation date (but the others are still live), that game will be skipped.

And if it's a Combo™ you can also:

Enable the score feature for this step: This makes it count towards the global leaderboard, and lets you apply a weighting factor, and how many points are awarded for completing each step.
Enable the password protected access feature for this step: If you wish, and it serves your campaign, follow the instructions to define a password or code that users must input to access the step.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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