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Leaderboard (Games with Scores)

Here you can easily view your leaderboard ranking within your Dashboard.

In addition to the leaderboard display type (how the user will be identified on the leaderboard), their score, and time, you will also have other associated data from their participation:

IP Address
Country Code
Timezone Date
Server Date
Session ID
Any other fields from your data collection form

If your leaderboard is set to aggregate scores, data from the data collection forms will not be shown here.

If a row(s) is selected, you'll have an option at the top left of this section to delete, and even delete and ban selected users. (For example, in the instance a player uses a rude word as their username.)

Please note that options to delete and delete and ban are not available in the instances where scores are aggregated.

The button to the top right of this section allows you to export the leaderboard data in an excel spreadsheet format.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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