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How to determine the number of entries in your game when choosing your package?

The number of entries is associated with the number of displays (views) of the games and interactive modules. This is the number of times a Drimify link is called from our servers. If the same person participates in 5 different games, then that counts as 5 participations or views. We need this information in order to adapt the size of your account according to the estimated volume and ensure an adequate quality of service.

If the number of entries in the game is higher than what is provided for in my offer, what happens?

The quota system operates on the principle of a "soft limit". If you exceed the volume, your campaign does not end, but we receive a notification. We will then contact you to discuss a potential change in your offer and allow your campaign to be uninterrupted.

As part of our responsible use policy (fair use policy), we recommend a maximum of 5,000 participations for the Drimify "On Demand" offer and a maximum of 10,000 participations for the Drimify Unlimited offer. Beyond that, you will have to consider the Drimify Premium offer that offers higher volume levels.

Is it possible to limit the number of participations per person?

Yes, you have several options at your disposal:
Once per IP address
Once per email address
Once over a specific period (every 12 hours, 24 hours...)

To do this, you will have to choose the option that suits you in the Settings creation step of your game’s dashboard.
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