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Drimify does not offer automated draw functionality at this time.

Drimify offers its services in all countries of the world and each country proposes a different legislation with regard to random draws and luck games. This is why we leave it up to our clients to manage this aspect of their project in order to best match the different local rules in place.

Random draw and distribution of prizes in Drimify games

Only Instant Win games assign wins automatically according to algorithmic logic.
For other mechanics, we recommend you to manage the draw yourself by using the data export or the ranking table to define a Top 10 or Top 50 or Top 100 ...etc of the best participants. Or simply draw prizes on all the entries.

Managing a random draw

If you register your game terms and conditions with a lawyer , he may offer you this as an additional service.
If you do it yourself, we recommend that you do it in the presence of a witness and film your draw to protect yourself in the event of a claim.

IMPORTANT - Depending on your country of residence or operation, and given the legal nature of a random draw, we recommend that you approach a lawyer, bailiff, or your legal department to obtain appropriate advice in this matter. Drimify is in no way responsible for the outcome of your draw.
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