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You have the following fields with which to form your questions:

Question: Type in your question which will appear in large writing at the top of the screen.
Question type: Choose the type of question you want to set up from: single choice, multiple choice, open, or in a net promoter score format (NPS).
Add a media: Add an image, video, or sound file to illustrate of form your question.
Description (optional): This text will appear just below the “Question” and allow you to contextualise (I.E. “3 answers expected”) or add to your question, or write your entire question in a smaller format.
Number of answers per line (desktop only): This dictates how the user will see the answer choices presented on desktop. On mobiles, responses with images will necessarily be 2 per line. (Specific to answers with pictures.)

Please note, open questions and NPS questions will not contribute to a results profile, product profile, or final score.

Single choice is where only one answer (from the multiple answers you provide as options) is correct.
Multiple choice is where multiple answers could be correct.
Open questions offer a way of getting more qualitative feedback, or getting to know your customer’s preferences better to segment and personalise the relationship down the line.
NPS questions allow you to gather quantitative user feedback.

If you do not want right or wrong answers to your questions, nor for them to assign profiles, we advise that you create a Survey instead of the other question & answer games.


Answers for these apps take the form of:

Answer: A text field where you state the answer option.
Add a media: If you want your answers to be illustrated by images, you can select the image that will represent each answer.
Products/ Profile: Here you select your pre-configured products or profiles that you want the answers associated with.

Some options may not be available depending on the question-and-answer app type and question type you are customising.

Add an intermediate screen

You can add intermediate screens to appear between questions. You can define the Title, Add a media to include an image, video, or audio file, as well as a Description and add a call to action (CTA) button.

For Quizzes, where there are right and wrong answers, you can also set a condition, so your intermediate content screen displays Always, only If the previous answer is correct, or only If the previous answer is incorrect.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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