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Questions Settings for Question & Answer Games

Under these settings you have buttons you can use to:

Do not display the logo: This hides the logo while the user is answering the questions. Enabling this option hides the logo so the user focus is entirely on the game mechanic, but the logo is still present on start, intermediate, and end screens.
Do not display the progression: This removes the progress bar that indicates to users how far through the experience they are.
Randomly display up to XX Questions from the total pool of available questions: This means that there will be some variation in the experience for participants. If you have 5 questions in your Quiz, but enable this option and enter 2 in the numerical field, 2 of the questions will be randomly selected and make up the entirety of the Quiz for a participation.
Randomise the questions: This means that questions will be presented to users in a random order.
Randomise the answers: This shuffles the order of multiple choice answers for different plays.
Do not display the answer statistics: If left unchecked, after users have answered a question, they will see what percentage of users selected the various answers.
Disable media autoplay throughout your application: This means media will not automatically play. Users will have to select play to view or listen to media.

All the options below only apply to the Quiz:

Do not display the correct answer in colour: If left unchecked, after answering, users will see the correct answer(s) highlighted in green, and the incorrect answer(s) highlighted in red.
Do not display the correct answer in the feedback box: If left unchecked, after answering incorrectly, users will see a feedback box with the correct answer.
Do not display the number of correct answers: If left unchecked, the end screen will show the number of correct answers the user scored.
Do not display the score: If left unchecked, the user’s score in points will be displayed on the end screen.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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