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Social Media Sharing Settings

How your shared game appears on social networking sites

You can add an image which will be visible in the social card (or pop-up/ visual link) that appears on the social networking sites your game is shared to, as well as the title and description you’d like to appear with it.

Please note, this only relates to the social card, and doesn’t refer to the post itself, which you’ll write in whatever social media site you’re sharing to.

Targeting the social media sites you want users to share your game to

You can tick or untick options for the listed sites at the bottom of this card.

You can also enable or disable social media sharing entirely by toggling the “Allow sharing on” button. Disabling this option here removes social media sharing from all screens.

Please note, Instagram doesn’t allow users to post external links, so while you can invite followers to follow your Instagram account on an intermediate screen, you can’t include Instagram in the social media sharing option.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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