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Start Screen Settings

Enabling the start screen settings will:

Do not display the start screen: Completely remove your start screen from the experience. This is an option you might choose to take with apps that are part of Combos™, where you’re looking to cut down on screens and streamline the user journey.
Do not display the title: Remove the title from the start screen. It will still be visible from the Start Screen creation step, but won’t be visible by your audience.
Do not display the number of participants: Remove the number of participations at the top of your game. You may want your audience to know how many people have played, or you may not feel it’s relevant.

In the case of the Dynamic Path™, the Combo™, and the Advent Calendar, you also have a field titled Identification based on. Defining this from the drop down menu determines how users will be able to re-enter your experience if the player closes their browser. Learn more about this by visiting our comprehensive article.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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