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Unify separate apps in a global leaderboard with the Leaderboard Combo™

The Leaderboard Combo™ allows you to aggregate the scores of users across connected apps in a single leaderboard.

What is the Leaderboard Combo™?

It's ultimately a global leaderboard aggregating user scores across different apps. It can be linked or embedded on a web page, or even be displayed on a big screen at a gamified event to track cumulative scores in real time.

There are times when communications objectives are best served by a single, longer form experience, where users follow an interactive story, such as in a Dynamic Path™, or where it's optimum for users to play a series of games in a direct sequence, such as in the Combo™.

Sometimes, you may want to unify separate apps into some larger goal, either based on differing objectives, or over a longer period of time, or even unify campaigns. Aggregating user scores in either instance is a great way to foster competition, and generate longer term engagement in your communications campaigns.

For example, you could run a different branded game each week for a 6 week campaign, with each game including pop-up promotional videos supporting your objective. Embedded on one of your strategic website pages could be the global leaderboard, with the top 5 or top 10 combined high scorers eligible for a grand prize draw. This encourages longer audience engagement and renewing interest as people check in to see where they're standing, and encourages them to look out for future games to keep climbing the leaderboard.

Only points-based games can be used in the Leaderboard Combo™. It is not compatible with Instant win games, Surveys, and other Gamification experiences (Media Contest, Voting Gallery, Landing page, Advent calendar, Dynamic Path™, Combo™ and another Leaderboard Combo™).

Configuring your Leaderboard Combo™

Like any app in Drimify, you'll need to customise the graphics and define what content you want to appear on your Leaderboard Combo™.

Depending on your needs, you may include a start screen and intermediate screens, but these are optional. At the very least, you'll need to customise your background, as users will see the leaderboard page, and potentially your end screen.

Check out our 7-minute masterclass to learn the fundamentals of using the Drimify platform.

You'll then want to head to the Game Configuration creation step and select the games the scores of which you'd like to be aggregated. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down menu under "Select an existing app."

In the same creation step, you can define how you want people to be displayed on the leaderboard, and define how you want scores to be aggregated.

The method of aggregation is pivotal to your leaderboard working in its intended manner. Whatever field you go by must be present in the data collection forms for all games included, and users must use the same info for each play.

For example, if you aggregate by email, the data collection forms for any games played MUST include an email address field. Furthermore, the user must use the same email address for each game they play for their scores to be aggregated on the leaderboard.

Selecting "Do not aggregate" will put everyone into the leaderboard, but only for a single play.

For example, you may have one player's score at a Memory Cards Game shown against another person's score at a Pacman game - or even both a person's scores on both games shown against each other as opposed to aggregated.

If you don't wish to collect email addresses, or other personal data, you could aggregate by a custom format, which you can define, and give out to players ahead of time.

When clearing data from this app, for example, if you want to use your Leaderboard Combo™ for a new campaign or to clear test plays, in addition to its own data, you'll need to clear the data from all the apps that are connected to it to completely reset it.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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