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Create a classic game (bubble shooter, memory game, photo contest...)

In Drimify classic games, you can find the 2048 game, the Blocks Puzzle game, the Bubble Shooter game, Connect Four, the Crossword and Word Search game, the Memory game, the Pacman game, the Photo Contest, the Penalty Shootout game, and the Free Throw game.

All our classic games present similar settings, it is therefore very easy to configure any of these games, once you get used to the platform for one of them.

How to personalise your game:

Thanks to our interface, you can change most visuals and texts at different steps during the creation of your game.

The Design Step

This step allows you to set up:

The game's general theme (light or dark)
The cover's visuals
Insert your logo at the top of the game
The game's background visual
The visual for social media sharing

If you have knowledge in HTML and CSS, you can also modify the design thanks to the HTML personalised code (Drimify Premium option).

Read our article on the HTML/ CSS customisation field if you wish to know more on that topic.

The game elements configuration step:

For every classic game, you will have a configuration step where you can set up the various games' elements.

This part will allow you to customise the various texts and visuals that make up your game, according to its type.

For instance, you can modify the Memory Game's cards (both sides), or the visuals for the Connect Four game's tokens.
It is also during this step that you decide which words you want to use if you are creating a Word Search game, or that you put in place your participation and voting phases if you are creating a Photo Contest.

Don't hesitate to check out our article on the image sizes we recommend according to the type of game.

Specific questions and answers by game type:

Is it possible to vote or comment on the photos in a Photo Contest?

It is possible to vote for the images in a photo contest (you can choose the number of votes per person), but it is not possible to comment.

Can we choose where to place words in a Crossword game?

No, the words are randomly placed according to the available space.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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