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Create a game (Bubble Shooter, Memory Game, Connect 4, etc.)

In Drimify's games section, you can find the:

Bubble Shooter
Connect 4
Memory Game
Blocks Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
Word Search - Wordle
Jigsaw Puzzle
Whack a Mole

All our classic games have similar customisation features, so it's very easy to configure any of these games once you get used to the platform. Watch our 7 minute master class video to learn the fundamentals of using the platform.

How to customise your game

Through our highly intuitive interface, you can change most image, branding, and text elements through the various creation steps.


This step allows you to set up:

The game's visual theme (light or dark)
Insert your logo at the top of the game
The game's background (including setting the opacity)
Advanced graphic customisations (depending on your offer)

Please see our article on recommended image sizes according to the type of game.

Game Configuration

This stage allows you to customise the visuals and various text elements, depending on the game engine you're working on

These include but are not limited to:

Memory Game: both sides of the cards, as well as pop-up content
Connect 4: both player's and opponent's pieces
Pacman: the hero character image, the maze colour, the enemy images, and collectible item images (as well as colour effects for gaining super-powers and losing lives)
Bubble Shooter: the images for the bubbles
Crossword and Word Search games: the words, hints, definitions, and accompanying images
Blocks Puzzle and 2048: images for the blocks
Whack a Mole: add images for the items or “moles” to whack, plus images for the positive item and negative item

There is also a Settings section at the bottom of this stage where you can choose different game modes and options.

Specific questions and answers by game type

No, the words are randomly placed according to the available space.

Yes, you can set up a popup with a clue for each word you want people to guess.

You can also display the first letter of the word to help participants.

How is scoring calculated to ensure diversity of player scores?

In gamification environments, having a multifaceted scoring system is essential for providing a fair and engaging experience. Scoring systems that rely on multiple factors are designed to offer diverse outcomes, making it unlikely for players to achieve identical scores. This approach not only reflects a player's skill set in a more nuanced way but also adds layers of strategy and excitement to the game.

For example, in our Memory Game, the score is a dynamic blend of several elements: base points for each match, time efficiency, consecutive matches, and level progression. Players earn base points for successfully matching pairs, and their time efficiency is rewarded by earning extra points for quick matches. Making consecutive matches within a short time frame also boosts your score. As you progress through the levels, your score multiplies, offering higher stakes and increased challenges. This multi-factorial scoring approach ensures a unique and thrilling gaming experience for each player.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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